About AttiCare

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The Beginning of Atticare Corp
With more than ten years of experience behind us, Atticare company currently has three locations: Bay Area – California, Burbank – Los Angeles and Secaucus and the surrounding area in New Jersey. For details on Service areas please refer to Areas of Service link  Services
Atticare Corp provides services to local Residential and Commercial buildings to identify, clean, and prevent rodent infestations.

About AttiCare Corp
Atticare offers the convenience of free onsite inspections to provide an estimates for the following services; Removal of animal Feces and Droppings, Rodent Proofing, Sanitation, Insulation Removal and Replacement, Moisture Barrier, Vapor Barrier, Floor and Crawlspace Insulation replacement and Air duct Repair/Replacement in the Attic, Crawlspace, Garage and Basement area. Rodent infestations can be prevented by rodent proofing your home. The first step in animal proofing your home should be through a thorough inspection contact us to schedule an appointment Request a FREE Inspection

Our Objective
Providing our customers with the best quality of services is our number one priority. We are here to help to make your home safe and free of contamination.

New Location – Los Angeles!

Atticare is now offering Attic cleanup services in Burbank, Los Angeles.
With a fast paced client growth, Attice is becoming one of the most recommended Insulation Companies in Los Angeles, CA.
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